• A specialized tank farm designed for handling & storage of Petro products and chemicals. The state of the art tank farm is situated strategically adjacent to the oil jetty in the port of Aqaba. The site was built in Aqaba on the south industrial area-Durra with 19 vertical tanks to store products & one tank for water reserve for cooling and firefighting purposes.
  • “ABCCO” has storage capacity of 63’300 cbm, and in the process to build additional 120,000 cbm. ABCCO utilizes the latest technologies, HSE standards and measures to operate under. The tank farm provides a further dimension to the group and endorses the capacities and capabilities of the Jordanian Energy Sector.
  • The facility is designed according to API650, NFPA, ASEZA and CDD standards by which the tank farm is designed to store various types of petro products and chemicals.
  • The facility is designed and built to load & unload tanker ships through the oil jetty located 700 meters west of the facility and can load & reload road tankers using a state of the art loading area that can handle up to 10 road tankers at any given time.

Aqaba Bulk Chemicals