It is the computer controlled excitation of the individual elements in a multi-elements probe. The excitation of these multiple piezo composite elements generates a focused ultrasonic beam, allowing the dynamic modification of the beam parameters such as angle, focal distance and focal spot size through software.

An array of transducer elements in which the timing of the elements excitation can be individually controlled to produce certain desired effects, such as steering the beam axis or focusing the beam. Basically, a phased-array is a long conventional probe Cut into many elements


Multiple angle scan possible
Simple Interpretation
More Production rate
Data Storage
Setup time between inspections decreased 100% volume inspection in single Scan
Better sizing of Defects


Inspection of girth welds of Pressure vessels
Corrosion Mapping
Laminations checking
Tube and pipe weld inspections
Inspection of Tee-joints
Dissimilar weld inspection
Nozzle Testinga