With corrosion mapping systems, solution are available to assist you in developing condition determined maintenance strategies which can be used in the calculations for the remaining lifetime of a plant, it can also be used within a structured plant maintenance program and we also offer a visual representation of the results with a comprehensive report of the affected areas helping you to avoid unplanned shutdowns.

Rapid Motion Scanner (RMS)

The RMS is a high speed, high accuracy remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system designed to evaluate the condition of ferrous structures such as storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels and other critical equipment, supporting effective and safe operation. The RMS2 can give 100% coverage in a band up to 1000mm wide, significantly increasing Probability of Detection (POD) of corrosion, enabling engineers to determine the optimum repair strategy and improve risk life assessment (RLA) & risk based inspection (RBI) maintenance programs.

The RMS2 is extremely flexible with a range of scanning heads to suit different inspection requirements.

Corrosion Mapping: R-Scan

The R-Scan is a manual, dry coupled B-scan ultrasonic Scanner which can be used on a wide variety of components ranging from 50mm diameter pipe up to a flat surface. The R-Scan continuously records ultrasonic thickness measurements as the scanning head is moved over the inspection surface. The recorded UT thickness information is presented as an A-scan trace, a digital thickness measurement and a B-scan thickness profile. Inspection results can be viewed in real time in the field or recalled for post inspection analysis at a later date.

R-Scan can be used for inspection of Piping starting from 2″ dia., also it can be used as complementary for RMS scanner for testing of in-accessible or limited access areas.

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