Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing has radically changed emphasis over recent years from a focus on detecting defects arising during the manufacture of new products, to detecting process induced integrity problems. NITS Inspection has established itself at the forefront of an NDT technological revolution by a process of investment in state-of-the-art equipment and specialized training to meet this step-change. The result is an infrastructure that offers a comprehensive range of Advanced NDT (ANDT) in cooperation with ARISE GLOBAL PTE LTD we provide a variety of services which include:


1. Advanced NDT Services

  • Acoustic Eye for inspection of heat exchangers, boilers, air coolers, etc.
  • LRUT for in-service pipe inspection under insulation.
  • Acoustic Emission for storage tanks and pressure vessels
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage MFL for tank bottom inspection.
  • Robotic Tank Inspection for on-stream inspection of tank bottom
  • Pulsed Eddy Current/INCOTEST for detection of corrosion under insulation
  • ACFM for inspection of any cracks in welds or materials
  • SRUT / CHIME for tank annular plate inspection & detection of corrosion under pipe
  • Vertiscan /E-Pit for boiler water wall tube inspection
  • Corrosion mapping of static equipment (piping, PVs & tanks) using rapid motion
    scanners RMS
  • RVI/CCTV using the advanced internal inspection cameras & crawlers
  • Phased Array for weld inspection
  • Time of Flight Diffraction for weld inspection

2. Other Inspection Services

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification Services
  • Tubular Inspection Services
  • Rope Access to substitute scaffolding (for services as inspection, painting, blasting, welding, NDT etc.)
  • Third party inspection
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems and other niche protection systems
  • API 570 , 510 , 653.